School Projects

CSBGL helps schools to identify what conditions, practices and programs best serve their students by successfully addressing common concerns identified through its research.

Boarding School Student-Faculty Relationships

St. Paul's School

School Relationships

The project aims to address the culture of romantic relationships on the St. Paul’s campus. Many students feel that the culture of romantic relationships at St. Paul's fosters unhealthy relationships and power dynamics. Furthermore, many students also believe there is a lack of honest dialogue on the subject, and little in-depth investigation has been done in the past. The main goal of this study is to identify the culture of relationships at St. Paul’s, what aspects of this culture are problematic, the causes of such problems, and what can be done to change it for the better.

Gender Politics and Social Space in a Co-ed School Setting

Georgetown Day School

Gender and Education

Students at Georgetown Day School are in their second year of studying the politics of space on the high school campus: how spaces get assigned and/or claimed and by whom, comparing specific locations on campus with group demographics.

Based on the results from the school-wide student survey administered the previous school year, the team conducted student focus groups and administered a follow-up survey.

Socioeconomic Status and the Culture of Niceness at a Girls’ School

Miss Porter's School

School Culture & Community

The team finished the second year study of socio-economic status -- how girls perceive it, and how it affects relationships at school. Using data from the CASL survey, student interviews, and student focus groups, they present three main findings: misconceptions, the "culture of niceness," and "secret tuition."

How Youth-Led Research Changed A Girls' School

Greenwich Academy

School Culture & Community

This year, GA has over 50 students working on 7 different teams. These projects include: an examination of the coordinate school relationship; what it means to conform at GA; the effects of socioeconomic status at GA; and the perceptions versus realities of an “ideal” GA student. The student team is also exploring the question of: "what is the hardest thing to talk about at GA?"